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10 Tech Rules to Guide You

By October 11, 2010June 6th, 2022No Comments

Whether your goal is to become paperless, or just to get more out of the technology you use, you need to (1) find the easy ways to do things and (2) avoid the hard ones. Technology promises a lot, and can deliver on many of those promises, but not all of them.

Some propositions that seem wonderful when you hear about them don’t work well when you try them. But there are some things that work great and cost almost nothing; often you’ll find that people don’t adopt these technologies because they don’t know it’s available. Or they resist a technology that seems (to them at least) more dangerous than it really is.

Here are 10 key rules (PDF download) you should be aware of. If you work against these rules things will tend to be harder; you’ll spend more money, waste more time, and encounter more stress.

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