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A Christmas Card on Steroids – New Orleans Style

By January 22, 2013June 6th, 2022No Comments

If you haven’t done so already, you probably need to throw out all those Christmas cards that you accumulated last month. Before you do that though, think about whether you remember every person who sent you one. Chances are, if you received more than 4 or 5, you won’t remember everyone. What if you’re in-house counsel for a corporation, and you received hundreds of cards from lawyers across the country. Is your card being remembered? I’m betting it didn’t.

Christmas cards are nice, but if you’re sending them for the purpose of generating business, there’s a good chance it’ll get thrown into the trash with all the other cards and eventually forgotten. So how can you make sure your annual greeting is remembered? Pick another holiday.

If you’re from South Louisiana, Carnival season is the perfect time to send a card. Except don’t send a card. Mail a king cake. Multiple bakeries across the state will ship a king cake anywhere in the country for about $50. Some even include beads, coffee, and a little history card to explain to that client in the Midwest what exactly that giant cinnamon-roll-looking cake is. My personal favorites are Haydel’s and Randazzo’s. My law school roommate is from Lafayette, and he would always bring one back from Meche’s. They’re pretty awesome, too.

Order the King Cake about a week before Mardi Gras, so that it gets delivered on the Friday before Mardi Gras. Office lunch rooms are generally more abuzz on a Friday, and all that sugar icing will just increase the buzz. You’ll be a hit with the office staff. Your client will be reminded of the the quirky, awesome culture that we live in. They may also remember that you may be a little slow to respond for a week or so, as you recover from that extended weekend of revelry.

No one remembers a Christmas card after a few days of opening it. But who doesn’t remember that giant delicious King Cake?

Andrew Legrand

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