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Adobe’s online form tool gets useful a new feature

By December 6, 2011June 6th, 2022No Comments

Adobe has been developing some interesting online stuff (e.g. SendNow, which I’ve covered in a previous blog post). FormsCentral is an online tool that lets you build, distribute and collect forms (and form data). There are other folks who are doing online forms, most notably Google.

I’ve used Google’s form tool and find it sufficient for basic needs. Where it (and I would guess other) online form tools fall completely apart is when it comes to gathering attachments along with a form.

Why would you gather attachments? Well, let’s say you are an employer and you’re using an online form to collect responses from potential employees. (Yes, a form can be used to accept applications. A form can be used to gather any responses or data.)

You can collect these kinds of responses using Google Docs’ Form tool. But you can’t collect PDF resumes or recommendation letters at the same time. Up until now Adobe’s FormCentral tool didn’t let you do that either. But today Adobe announced this new attachment feature as part of their FormCentral service.

I can see a law firm making use of this tool as a way of getting basic information from a new client (after some meaningful initial human contact, of course). And the feature that let’s clients upload documents along with the information gathering might be useful too.

For more information about FormsCentral (as well as pricing) click here.

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