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Want to hire Ernie Svenson to speak at your event?

Call him: 504-613-4253 (main) | 504-202-0688 (cell)

Email him:

Rates: negotiable, but typically includes a speaker fee, plus travel and lodging expenses.

You can access Ernie’s Speaker Press Kit at this link

As a Vice-Chair of the Indiana State Bar Association Solo Small Firm Conference, I had the pleasure of asking Ernie to give the Keynote Address at our Conference in June, 2012. Having seen "Ernie the Attorney" several times as a speaker at ABA TECHCHOW, it did not surprise me that Ernie gave one of the most compelling presentations I have ever seen, giving his viewpoint on the advantages of the solo practice of law. The audience was equally appreciative, and gave Ernie one of the highest speaker ratings given to a presenter in the history of the Conference. I would highly recommend Ernie as a speaker and cannot wait to have him return.

Marc Matheny

What are Ernie’s areas of expertise?

Ernest Svenson, AKA Ernie the Attorney, is a founder of Paperless Chase, and a practicing commercial litigator with over 26 years of experience and counting. He’s a regular speaker at state bar association events and industry conferences, including the ABA TechShow. He has written two ABA-published books: Acrobat in One Hour for Lawyers, and Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers. He’s received wide acclaim for his Ernie the Attorney, and PDF for Lawyers blogs, and been the recipient of numerous awards for innovation in the legal profession, including being selected as a FastCase 50 honoree.

He’s been invited to speak around the country on tech topics like PDF software, social media, cloud computing, iPads & iPhones and–of course–paperless lawyering. And wherever he speaks, fellow lawyers enjoy what he has to say.

It is rare to find someone who is truly an expert at something, and is also great at presenting their expertise. Ernie is both. My head is still spinning from all I learned last week in Tucson when I attended one of his seminars.

Kelly G. Richardson

Ernie doesn’t just speak about being paperless, although that’s his main passion. He’s been hired to speak on a range of topics.

Here are some of the topics that Ernie often speaks about:

Law Firm Autopilot:

How to Make Your Practice More Profitable and Easier to Manage

How would you like to make your practice exponentially more profitable and easier to manage? When you leverage the power of automation and outsourcing you can that, and more. But you need solid roadmap. That’s precisely what this session will give you.

Learn more
In this session you’ll learn about:
  • The 12-part framework that will transform your practice into a self-driving profit machine. 100% proven to work. Why most attempts at law firm automation quickly lead to inefficiency and frustration.
  • How to use automation properly to get 80% of what you want with 20% effort (or time or money). How hackers are likely to steal or compromise your data, and the little-used method for preventing 95% of cyber attacks.
  • How you can get better clients, at higher fees, with less hassle (i.e. using surprisingly effective automation) How virtual assistants can boost your productivity exponentially, at a ridiculously low cost.

Paperless Lawyering:

Developing a Paperless Law Practice the Simple, Easy Way

Imagine being able to instantly access information in your client files, anytime—even if you’re out of the office. Learn the simple, sensible method used by a commercial litigator who went from paper-intensive big firm practice into a low-overhead solo practice. You can smoothly make the shift to an efficient, low-stress paperless practice even if your computer skills are limited to doing email and surfing the web.

Learn more
In this session you’ll learn about:
  • The biggest myth about paperless lawyering. The best scanner for small law firms (there is only one choice).
  • Which documents you MUST keep in paper form. The top 5 benefits of a paperless law practice.
  • Why PDF skills are crucial, and how to learn them painlessly and quickly. How to start transitioning (the answer will surprise you!)

Online Reputation:

Managing Your Online Reputation Ethically & Professionally

Your legal reputation is influenced by what you DO. But words also matter, especially what other people say about you on the Internet. You can influence online dialogue to enhance your professional stature. But you need to use tasteful tools and methods appropriate to lawyers.

Learn more
In this session you’ll learn about:
  • The #1 most powerful thing you can do to impact your online reputation. Why an effective website is crucial for small firm lawyers, and WAY more affordable than you probably imagine.
  • A fantastic tool for following up with site visitors that’s incredibly dignified, but strangely overlooked by 95% of small firm lawyers. How social media is over-rated and mostly useless for influencing your online reputation.
  • Why the most powerful secret to online reputation building isn’t technology, but something simpler and more profound.

Cloud Services for Lawyers:

Practical & Ethical Considerations

Storing documents in the cloud is now easy, and affordable for businesses of any size. But are cloud services secure and appropriate for lawyers? And how can lawyers evaluate cloud services? Come to this session and find out.

Learn more
In this session you’ll learn about:
  • What “cloud services” are, and which ones you’re almost certainly already using. What ethics rules govern your use of cloud services, and how to make sure you comply.
  • Why managing your own server(s) is expensive, no longer necessary, and likely to result in a serious security breach. The #1 WEAKEST LINK is in your law firm’s security chain, and how to fix it.
  • Which cloud services are appropriate for lawyers, and which will make your practice easier to manage.

Digital Security for Lawyers:

How to Be Totally Secure From Common Cyberattacks

Hackers are a constant, serious threat. They’ve set up automated bots that scour the web for vulnerabilities, and odds are you’re on their hit list. And yet, if you know what to do, you can protect yourself against virtually all of those common attacks.

Learn more
In this session you’ll learn about:
  • What the #1 weak link is in your security wall (and hint: it’s not anything that runs on electricity) Why weak passwords are the #2 weak point, and how to quickly and easily prevent hackers from gaining access through this channel.
  • How hackers use the same ploys that con artists and magicians use. Once you understand how the trick is done, you will see it coming and finally be able to avoid it. How you can stop a hacker from gaining access to your online accounts EVEN IF they have your password.
  • The best tool for improving your password security, that makes your life even easier. And it’s totally FREE!

Visual Persuasion:

Surprisingly Powerful Influence Tactics

Psychology & neuroscience have uncovered simple but powerful methods for persuading people to accept messages in text or visual form. This session will show you step-by-step tactics for getting people to better remember, and later act on your messages.

Learn more
In this session you’ll learn about:
  • How to effectively and quickly capture anyone’s attention, even in a world of pervasive and countless distractions. Why the human brain absorbs visual information more easily, and more quickly.
  • Why visual information helps us remember even boring information reliably and easily. How you can instantly improve your memory by 200% using a simple trick first developed by the Greeks over 2,000 years ago.
  • How to use visuals to better explain complex ideas, and persuade people in subtle ways that they won’t even notice.

Email Efficiency for Lawyers:

The Shockingly Effective Guide to Efficient Email

Email is now the bane our existence: necessary, but overwhelming. Email often keeps us from accomplishing more important tasks. And it definitely stresses us out. But, there are ways to keep email in its place, be productive, and minimize stress. This session will show you how.

Learn more
In this session you’ll learn about:
  • Why our brains were not equipped to deal with a constant stream of emails How to process emails in a way that doesn’t mess up your hypersensitive “cognitive machinery.”
  • How to filter unproductive emails automatically (without spending even one minute setting up filters or fooling with technology). How to spot emails sent by hackers who are waiting for you to click a booby-trapped link so they can get complete control of your computer and all of your data.
  • How to crank out responses to emails 300% faster than you’re used to.

Ernie not only explains technology in ways that lawyers understand and appreciate, he’s enjoyable to work with (and doesn’t waste time with silly ego-trips).

Ernie is easy to work with and very knowledgeable regarding any aspect of law and technology. I would highly recommend his CLE courses, His courses are entertaining and easy to follow, filled with great information for the tech-novices to the expert. His teaching is always current and up to date.

Lana A. CorllCLE Director Loyola University | New Orleans

So, if you want to hire Ernie to speak at your event just shoot him an email, or give him a call (504-202-0688). His speaking calendar fills up quickly, and he accepts only a limited number of out-of-town engagements, so it’s best to get in touch with him well before the date of your event.

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