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E-Discovery Alert: Load Files are not your friend (Craig Ball, however, is)

By July 23, 2013June 6th, 2022No Comments

E-discovery is now the bane of law practice, and it seems like the only folks who thrive (or at least don’t drown in jargon) are the “techies.” Could someone please just explain what lawyers need to know in plain english?

Yes, Craig Ball can. He was a successful trial lawyer in Texas (graduated with honors from the University of Texas law school). Now, his mission is to teach lawyers how to deal with E-discovery. If there is even a snowball’s chance in hell that you’ll have to deal with E-discovery (quick test: are you a litigator? do you have a pulse?) then you need to check out his blog, cleverly named Ball in Your Court. Better yet, sign up for his email newsletter so you get his newest posts automatically. You’ll have to go to his blog,  and look in the right sidebar for the subscribe field (it says “mail me your posts”).

His latest post is about dealing with “load files” (more e-jargon), and why load files usually don’t make sense. Craig is an exceptional writer and explainer, so he makes it easy to understand important E-discovery concepts. Trust me, you’ll want to take the time to subscribe to the emails from his blog posts.

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