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End of the year CLE seminar in New Orleans is now scheduled

By November 15, 2011June 6th, 2022No Comments

Our usual end-of-the-year seminar will take place again between Christmas and New Years. Except that this year we’re offering two full days of CLE. You can sign up for one day, or both days (with a discount if you attend both days). And for a short while, we’re offering “Early Bird pricing.”

Seating is limited because we prefer a more intimate setting, as opposed to a large hotel venue. We do our seminars in the large conference room on the first floor of the IP Building at 643 Magazine St. (behind the US Fifth Circuit). The room will hold about 50 people, which is perfect for us.

Dane Ciolino and I will be doing most of the sessions, but we’ll be having some excellent outside speakers as well. Jeff Richardson of iPhoneJD fame will be doing a session on mobile lawyering that will cover the use of tablet devices such as iPads. And Magistrate Judge Sally Shushan from the Eastern District of Louisiana will participate in a panel discussion of common e-discovery issues.

We’ll be doing an email blast in a few days, which should get a lot of attention from folks that may not have typically been to our seminars. So, if the readers of this blog want to reserve a spot they should sign up soon. For more details, and to sign up, click here. If you were there last year you’ll remember we had a lot of fun with giveaways, and this year we plan to ramp up the giveaways. We’re also planning lots of other things to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

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