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Have you heard of the term ‘Google URL’?

By February 23, 2012June 6th, 2022No Comments

I met someone at a conference the other day who wanted to know how to find my Ernie the Attorney website. He got out a card and a pen and was ready to carefully write down the URL. I explained that he could simply google the words “ernie attorney” and he’d find it. He kept his pen ready to write and stared me down.

It took 30 seconds to complete this transaction. Having a website with a domain name that ends in .net instead of .com didn’t help. But the encounter made me wonder how many people out there believe that you need to know the exact name of a website in order to find it?

When I first started blogging my website had a URL something like I couldn’t ever remember the URL and no one would ever spend time trying to type that into a browser address bar. But the blog was called “ernie the attorney” and that’s how I told people to find it. They’d ask “is that the URL?” And I’d say, “no, that’s the ‘Google URL.'” Meaning, of course, if those are the words that you give to Google.

Google can find anything that has a decent web profile. The words that you use to find them are the Google URL. So think about that, and don’t be so worried about the exact spelling of the ‘correct URL.’

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