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How to Get A Letterhead Design for $5

By September 2, 2015June 6th, 2022No Comments

Starting a law firm presents a slew of decisions, the need to work on creating business cards and a firm letterhead.

The best place to start if you want a super-glitzy, professional-looking logo for your business card etc., is 99Designs. Prices for that kind of service start at $300, but you will get your logo in 7 days, and have input from a bunch of designers who all compete to win the “design contest.”

Once you have a design (or if you just want a simple letterhead to start out with), you can get someone to put the design into a Word document that you can use as your letterhead template. Using for this will cost you only $5.

I blogged about the basics of already, so this post will just show you step-by-step how I got a letterhead for only $5.

Step #1: Search For Relevant Projects
On the main dashboard, enter the type of project in the “What Are You Looking For?” window. In this case, enter “letterhead” as shown below.



Step #2: Criteria For Freelancers
The search window offers three options to filter results: High Rating, Recommended, & New. You can enter additional search criteria such as delivery time, seller language, etc. When I searched for someone to create a letterhead, I found this fellow:


Step #3: Evaluate The Proposed Gig

On, you don’t get to propose criteria. The freelancer is going to do a very defined project for $5 (with some additional options for more money). So all you have to do is look at the proposal and see if it’s what you want.

Here’s the proposal I opted to use:


Step #4: Look At How Busy The Freelancer Is Already (and look at his ratings)

The freelancer you’re going to hire will have been rated by each customer he worked with, and you’ll also be able to see how many projects he has in the pipelines, as shown below.


Step #5: Hire The Freelancer & Contact Him To Give Details

Once you’ve selected the project you’ll have to contact the freelancer to discuss your project, the specific deliverable you want (with any options you purchased), and the timeframe for completing the work.


Step #6: Pay for the project you want

Pay for the project with the options you want.


Step #7: Give The Freelancer Any Files He/She Needs

I needed to give my letterhead freelancer the logo I already had so he could use that in the letterhead project he was going to work on. You’ll probably have to do something similar with your project (if you already have a logo).

Typically, the freelancer will have an automated email go out to ask you for additional files and information, as shown below.

Step #8: Wait For The Work To Be Done And Download It When It’s Complete

The work will usually be completed in the time frame discussed, and you’ll be notified on when the work is done (so be sure to check in there every day to see if it’s been completed. Here’s what my letterhead design looked like (not bad for $5, right?!)



That’s all there is to getting a low-cost, but professional looking letterhead. On you’ll find a bunch of other $5 projects that are beneficial.

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