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How to make a smooth transition as you start a new law firm

By September 24, 2015June 6th, 2022No Comments

Setting up a modern law firm can be challenging, but for some lawyers it’s relatively easy.

Is there a good example of a lawyer making a smooth transition into starting a new firm? Yes, there is.

David Sparks is Los Angeles business attorney who left his old firm (where he spent the first twenty year of his career) to go out on his own. David made a smooth transition, and his answers about how he went about setting up his new practice will be of keen interest to others who are about to go out and hang their own shingle.

One thing that lawyers struggle with is getting up a nice looking website, without spending a ton of money. If you check out David’s website I think you’ll agree it’s professional and also friendly. Listen to his interview on Legal Talk Network to find out his trick for creating that slick-looking, low-cost website.


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