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iPad CLE Seminar

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Want to use an iPad in your law practice?


We teach lawyers to be more efficient by using the right technology in the right way.

The iPad is the right technology if you want to be more productive when you’re out of the office. You just need to learn to use it in the right way.

Teaching lawyers to use iPads is what we do

If you want to learn to use an iPad in your practice the best way to learn is to find folks who: (1) are folks who use technology in a legal environment, and (2) have experience explaining technology to lawyers. And guess what? That’s us.

We regularly put on seminars and webinars on a variety of technology topics, including how attorneys can best use an iPad in their law practice. Not surprisingly, the iPad seminars are usually very well attended.

We do our presentations from an iPad connected to a projector, so you see exactly how to perform the tasks we’re demonstrating. Often we use a wireless connection, which is how you’d want to do it if you use an iPad to present in court.

You might even get CLE credit for learning to use your iPad

If you’re a Louisiana lawyer our seminars will provide CLE credit (we even have videos that qualify for online CLE credit).

If you come from out of town to attend one of our live seminars you can usually get CLE credit, but you have to submit the request for CLE credit yourself. We provide you with the Louisiana MCLE course number and a certificate of attendance, which is usually all you need for your state (but obviously you have to check to make find out what you need so you can ask us for it when you attend).

By the way we’ve had folks fly in from Oklahoma, and even North Dakota to take our seminars. So far no one has even cared about the CLE credit. Which tells us that there are a lot of lawyers who are really eager to learn how to use the iPad in their law practices.

What our iPad seminars cover

The first two levels of iPad training focus on core skills, to get you up and running in a way that’s secure and keeps your client information protected. Here is a brief overview of our agenda for the first two levels of iPad training.

Level 1: Setup, Privacy & Security

  • How to lock your iPad for optimal security
  • Set up the iPad so you can find if it’s lost or stolen
  • How to change alerts to silent when you’re in court
  • Basic productivity tips & tricks
  • How to use the virtual assistant called Siri

Level 2: Document Management & PDF use

  • Getting documents on and off of your iPad
  • Organizing documents on the iPad
  • Password protect folders of documents
  • Best apps to work with PDFs: tag, & edit
  • How to sign a PDF document on your iPad
  • How to review and highlight deposition transcripts

Want to know about our next iPad CLE seminar?

Well, just put your hand on the mouse clicker and visit this page of our website. If you want to attend our iPad webinars subscribe to our email notifications (and receive a free email guide to creating a paperless law firm).

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