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iPad & PDF apps – which is the best one?

By January 15, 2012June 6th, 2022No Comments

Lawyers are flocking to the iPad, and little wonder. The iPad is a ultra-slim, and portable tool that makes it easy to review digital documents, including PDFs. In fact, many lawyers claim that reading on the iPad is easier and more enjoyable than using a computer.

What are the best tools for reviewing PDFs on the iPad? Almost universally the iPad-toting lawyers I’ve talked to say that the GoodReader application is tool #1. My friend Jeff Richardson, who has the excellent iPhoneJD blog (which also covers iPad topics), has a great review of the GoodReader application. Jeff’s review is a couple of months old, so many improvements have been brought to GoodReader. And yet the application still only costs $4.99. It’s available for both the iPad and iPhone, and it’s absolutely the first application that you should get when you get your new iPad.

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