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Mobile Lawyering

Louisiana Civil Code Title 9 – iPhone App

By January 26, 2010June 6th, 2022No Comments

Recent Louisiana law grad, and newly minted lawyer, Matt Miller has added a new iPhone application to his growing stable of Louisiana law apps.  He now offers Title 9 of the Revised Statutes (also known as the ‘Louisiana Civil Code Ancillaries’).  This iPhone app has the same excellent user interface as his other applications (e.g. Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure etc.).  I find these iPhone apps to be better than books because of the easy user-interface, and because of the text-searchability feature.  That’s why, I find that the $14.99 price for the application is completely reasonable.

So, if you want to help an enterprising young lawyer, at the same time that you help yourself, think about using this application.  Obviously, you can’t use it if you don’t have an iPhone or if you aren’t a Louisiana lawyer. But, regardless of where you practice law, if you have an iPhone remember to check out Jeff Richardson’s excellent website (, which is all about using iPhones in the practice of law.

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