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Weekly Tech Highlights

By September 24, 2012June 6th, 2022No Comments

Here are highlights from our Twitter posts for the past two weeks (Sept 7–21), with some additional commentary.

  • Evernote is an amazing tool for gathering and organizing digital information. Lawyers could definitely use it as a tool for handling legal research. The trick to Evernote is getting familiar with it. If you’re interested check out this tutorial on iTunesU. Evernote is free for basic stuff, and only $45/year if you use the advanced features.
  • If you have an iPhone or iPad, here’s a great podcast with recommended iOS apps for $5 or less. They’re not focused on the legal profession, but the podcast is put together by two lawyers who know a lot about iPhones and iPads, and use them in their work.
  • Most lawyers who litigate will encounter an E-discovery issue soon. Here is an 11 minute video on digital review strategies from Josh Gillland, a lawyer who knows a lot about the subject. And knows how to make it interesting.
  • Is Facebook secretly sharing what you are reading and watching? Seems like they might be. This is why many people don’t trust Facebook.
  • Tom Mighell’s excellent “Blawg of the Day” is the best way for lawyers to learn about useful new law blogs. This Tax, Trust & Estate News blog is a great example of the kinds of blogs that Tom showcases. By the way, a “blawg” is just a combination of the words “blog” and “law.” Many lawyers know that, but I’m sure a few don’t.
  • Tom is the author of a couple of excellent books on iPad use by Lawyers, which he talks about on his iPad 4 Lawyers blog. The books are definitely worth getting, and you should bookmark the blog and visit it regularly. 

Well that’s the wrap up for this edition. To get these news tidbits as they come out follow us at the PaperlessChase Twitter page, and if you’re a Louisiana lawyer interested in technology come to one of our live CLE programs. The next one is on Friday, October 19th in New Orleans, and it’s on Email Management for Lawyers.

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