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PDF Highlighter Preference setting: enable copy text for comments

By April 26, 2012June 6th, 2022No Comments

The Commenting category has default options that are set the way most lawyers will want to have them, with one exception. Almost every lawyer who uses the PDF highlighter tool (discussed in Section 10.1 of Acrobat for Lawyers) will want to have the highlighted text automatically copied into the comment text that goes with it. So check the box that says Copy selected text into highlight, strikethrough, and underline comment pop-ups.


Doing so will cause Acrobat to automatically copy text that you highlight into the comments box. Most of the time you’ll want to do this, and when you don’t, it is easy to quickly remove in situations where you want to put in your own text comment.

I don’t know why Adobe didn’t enable this preference by default. Certainly every lawyer or legal professional is going to want this as a default setting. Now you know how to make it so.

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