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Readers’ questions answered

By July 20, 2011June 6th, 2022No Comments

Question: “I’m a student and I want to buy Acrobat. Is there a student version?”

Answer: Yes, see this link. You’ll have to have a current student ID or other proof of current enrollment. And the education discount is applicable to faculty members as well.

Question: “I’m impressed with Acrobat Pro 9 and am using it more and more in my practice to redact and bates stamp documents.  I just received 4000 plus PDF images and am in the process of OCRing them.

My question is this: is there a low-cost in-house way to extract the to/from/subject/description from e-mails in the set? And can I build a low cost database for those emails?

Answer #1 (provided courtesy of Tom O’Connor of the Gulf Coast Legal Technology Center): the definition of “low cost” is the key. If you mean $1000 or less take a look at Craig Ball’s excellent article called “The Edna Challenge.”  If you have more than that to spend there a few options ranging up to 15K.   I’d look at LAW, IPRo or Digital War Room but I think much of what you want can be done in Acrobat.

Answer #2 (provided courtesy of Mike Adams of Voodoo Consulting): Your best bet may be to have a paralegal build you an index in Excel that they would perform a doc review on and then enter. Another solution would be to use Google Apps ($50 a year for each user), and create an account for this case. Import all of your PDF’s (make sure you keep them in PDF format, do not let Google convert them) and they will be searchable. So you could then run a search for a date or a subject line or an author and see all of those results.

Source: PDF for Lawyers

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