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Readers’ questions answered

By June 22, 2011June 6th, 2022No Comments

QUESTION: “I finally got the Fujitsu Scansnap and I think it’s great. However, the only think I’ve noticed is that some of the pages show as “up-side-down” even though I loaded them right-side-up. Have you ever encountered this issue?”

ANSWER: I have not encountered that issue. In fact, quite the opposite: when pages go in upside down the software seems to know and flips them automatically. Maybe some of your pages are “fooling” the software. When scanning into the Windows version of Acrobat remember this shortcut: Control + Shift + R. That’ll bring up the dialog box for the rotation settings so you can quickly fix the mistake. (Mac users substitute “Command” for “Control”)

UPDATE: And in a more recent email from the questioner comes the answer: “Problem solved. Just needed to update the software. I love this little machine!”

Question: In Acrobat, when would you opt for Bates numbering versus adding page numbers with the header/footer command?

Answer: I’d use the Bates-numbering function only for bates-numbering. The two functions are mostly the same thing in terms of what they do, but the “header/footer” command allows you to add pagination, for example, with numbers like 1,2,3…. If you tried to use the Bates-numbering function to add page numbers it’d look like this: 000001, 000002, 000003 etc.

Source: PDF for Lawyers

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