Case Management Materials

Case management tools can vary greatly from one law firm to another. These are the simple tools that we’ve found helpful in our practices, and which we notice a lot of other lawyers making use of as well.


  • Casemap – Case organizing software from Lexis/Nexis that allows comprehensive sorting, filtering and tagging of case facts, issues and documents.
  • TextMap – Deposition management software from Lexis/Nexis that allows easy organization of depositions, and ability to quickly send sourced testimony to Casemap.
  • Timemap – Timeline creation software from Lexis/Nexis that allows quick output from Casemap to create visual timelines.
  • BeeDocs Timeline 3D – Mac based software for creating stunning 3D timelines
  • MindManager – mindmapping software from Mindjet. The software is pricey, but it’s powerful and once you start using it you’ll appreciate having that power.

Recommended Reading

Video tutorials: Casemap, MindManager & Acrobat/PDF

Other Resources

  • Parker Litigation Services – Julie Parker is a former employee of the company that invented Casemap, Textmap, and Timemap. She now does training of those tools through her own company. And she can be retained for special projects involving litigation support that involves Casemap etc. Julie is an amazing trainer, and knows Casemap better than almost anyone.
  • Watch this Video of lawyer using mindmap app (iThoughtsHD) on iPad Mini to do presentation to New Orleans City Council.

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