An Offer You Shouldn’t Refuse!


The latest version of Adobe Reader (XI) is jaw-dropping powerful—and FREE! And if you develop some simple, core PDF skills, then what? Well…

PDF Skills Can Improve Your Practice

Once you develop core PDF skills you’ll be surprised at how much more efficient you’ll become. The more you know how to use PDFs the less you’ll need to rely on paper.

Obviously, you need to develop PDF skills that replicate the simple things you can do with paper. But, with core PDF skills you’ll do things you can’t do with paper. Here are some of the core PDF skills that will streamline your law practice, and lower your stress level.

  • quickly zoom in on hard to read text in PDF pages.
  • rotate PDF pages that were mis-scanned, and are flipped sideways.
  • search for key text in a group of PDFs (indispensable at a deposition when need to find a key document in seconds). Probably the most important PDF skill for you to develop.
  • tag key passages by highlighting them so you can find them quickly the next time you open that PDF.
  • place virtual sticky notes on the page of a PDF document or a Westlaw case (sort of like the marginalia you write on the edges of papers you work with, but more powerful because they’re automatically organized for you)
  • Use digital stamps to mark PDFS with phrases like “DRAFT” or “CONFIDENTIAL.” Or create your own stamps with whatever text you want to use.
  • digitally sign PDF documents. Ever need to quickly sign a document someone emailed you? You can, and once you learn how you’ll use this feature to make your life a whole lot easier.
  • Fill out PDF forms, quickly and easily. Even type onto PDF forms that you scan into your computer. Big time saver.

How are you going to learn these core PDF skills without a lot of futzing around? Simple

Get ‘PDF Essentials for Lawyers’

PDF Essentials explains exactly how to use Adobe Reader in your law practice, step-by-step. And this book was carefully designed to make it easy for you to quickly learn the core skills, and lock them into your brain so you can easily make use of your new PDF skills.

There are several reasons why this book will make it easy for you to learn the core PDF skills.

1. The book is in PDF Format

Reading the book in PDF format lets you practice the skills as you learn them. In other words, you can immediately perform any of the skills you’re reading about—while you’re reading about them.

The book also contains hyperlinks to sample PDF documents that will help you practice your PDF skills.

2. The book has visual explanations

It’s chock full of color illustrations that SHOW YOU how to apply yellow highlighting, or quickly navigate to a different page in a PDF.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.16.11 PM



3. The book has crisp video tutorials

There are links to over a dozen super-short, sparklingly clear tutorial videos, like the one shown below.

All told, the book has over 30 minutes of video tutorials. Having such powerful video explanations, alone makes the book worth twenty or thirty times the actual price.

What Lawyers who’ve read PDF Essentials say

PDF Essentials for Lawyers is a detailed yet easy-to-understand guide to viewing and working with PDFs using the free Adobe Reader software. Given that the cost of the book is roughly the price of a Venti Frappuccino, you need not think twice about whether to buy it.” — Bob Ambrogi (Editor, LawSites)

“a good overview of working with PDFs…it’s surprising how little people know about how to use them.” — William D. Hall

“easy to follow and not burdened with discussions of features that I won’t likely use.” —Edwin Schwartz

you are literally using a PDF file as you learn about using a PDF file, which makes the book even better…The graphics in the book are also very well done, making it extremely easy to follow along.” —Jeff Richardson (

Easy to follow and great tips.” —Jenny Bradley

“I really like how is casual and informative voice comes across in this book.” —David Sparks

“The book is designed for lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries, law students, and anyone in the legal profession who wants to improve their PDF handling skills.” —Katie Floyd

“If you’re a lawyer or someone who works with PDFs a lot … PDF Essentials for Lawyers is a great kickstart.” —Brooks Duncan (Editor, DocumentSnap)

In short, the book is designed to help you learn PDF skills efficiently

Your time is valuable, and so I created a book that will allow you to quickly and easily learn what you need to know to improve your day-to-day law practice. I didn’t waste time discussing features lawyers aren’t likely to use much.

Given how much time you’ll save, PDF Essentials for Lawyers is easily worth at least $50 or more, but…

…it’s available for a very limited time for just $4.95. Note the phrase “limited time,” however.

Improve your PDF skills and order it now. Your new, more modern law practice is just a click away.