Here are some key resources (hyperlinked) for keeping up with the most important E-Discovery rulings and concepts. (THESE MATERIALS ARE FORMATIVE AND WILL BE EXTENSIVELY UPDATED SOON).

Key rulings and online articles

General resources & information

  • Northern District of California’s eDiscovery Guidelines – Josh Gilliland (of BowTie Law blog fame) says these are “a very good first step to raising eDiscovery competency and awareness for attorneys in Silicon Valley. The complete guidelines can be downloaded from the Northern District website, which states attorneys should “consult [the Guidelines, Checklist and Model Stipulated Order] at the beginning of a case.”
  • BowTie Law Blog – Josh Gilliland’s excellent weblog is a must-read for attorneys who want to learn about e-discovery and then keep up with it.
  • Craig Ball’s website – Craig Ball is an attorney who has deep knowledge of computer forensics and e-discovery issues. He is now a full time speaker and consultant, but he was once a very successful plaintiff’s attorney (and honors graduate of University of Texas Law School). He is one of the best speakers on computer-related topics and you should go see him speak if you have a chance. Meanwhile, you can read any of his informative and well-written articles for free at his website.

Important players in E-Discovery

  • Judge Paul Grimm – District Judge, Maryland (formerly a Magistrate who delved deeply into E-Discovery issues and even taught courses on the subject).

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