Create a Paperless Law Office
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And gain incredible freedom

Creating a paperless law office doesn’t mean getting rid of all paper. It means you will be more organized, find files faster, and be able to work from anywhere.

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How we will help you…

Here are some of the things we’ll teach you how to do:

  • Scan bulky papers into digital files (you probably guessed that from our company name, didn’t you?) and then shred the paper.
  • Organize the scanned files so you easily find key information at the drop of a hat. Or dime. Pick your cliché.
  • Access your key information anywhere, anytime—even from your (extra smart) smartphone.
  • Learn which cloud services you can safely use, without tripping over ethics land mines.

You can spend more time out of the office relaxing, as opposed to being stuck in your office doing mindless drudgery (this is the Information Age not the Industrial Age, and that’s precisely what we do here–help you transition.)

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“I’ve replaced two litigation bags with an iPad. All as a result of these folks.” —Al Thompson