Attention lawyers!

PDF will save you time & MONEY!


At PaperlessChase we help lawyers learn to streamline their practices, to slash overhead, boost profits, and automate boring-but-essential everyday tasks. PDFs are the key to all of that.

Lawyers get bombarded with a lot of paper.

But what arrives in paper doesn’t have to STAY in paper. It can become a PDF, and then…

You’re free. You have options. You cut out a lot of stress.

Imagine a life where you…

  • Stop wasting time rummaging around looking for misfiled office papers. Learn to pull up any document you need in less than a minute, even if you’re out of the office, with nothing but a smartphone at your disposal.
  • Dramatically reduce how much you pay for office space.
  • Can skip going into to the office, but still retain the option to knock out any necessary work—even from a friendly, relaxed place (or, better yet, a sailboat in the Caribbean).
  • quickly and easily sign documents even when you have no printer handy (i.e. when you just walked into a hotel room and get an email with a document attached that you need to sign).
  • don’t pay paralegals to bates-stamp documents. Let your computer do this boring, tedious task 100 times faster, without a single mistake. For Free.

Thousands of lawyers already are living in this blissful world RIGHT NOW.

Do you want a blissful law practice?

Okay, then here’s what you should do.

First, grab our handy “PDF Essentials” e-book (take a look over at the right-hand side of this page and you’ll see a graphic that you can click to get more information).

You can download it INSTANTLY and start following the easy-to-follow, simple guide that will give you a HUGE jumpstart. (It’s in PDF format which makes learning even faster, PLUS it has over a dozen short, “do it like this” videos that are guaranteed to help you learn quickly and easily).

Lawyers Rave about PDF Essentials

“I just finished reading your outstanding book, “PDF Essentials For Lawyers” (and working through exercises and watching your videos). I have to tell you that I learned more than I ever expected and got more out of your book than I had any reason to anticipate.

It was absolutely terrific, and I will now use Adobe Reader much more, not just more efficiently, but more competently, I am sure.

Thanks, for such a helpful volume and congratulations for packing so much into a very readable volume.” —Tom Grace