You’re a lawyer.

This means a lot of things. Like…
You know your stuff.
You’re not easily intimidated.
And you know how to work a room
A courtroom, that is.
(Or a conference room. You pick)

Whether you’ve been “setting the record straight” for decades, or just recently hung your shingle, one thing’s for sure: The hardest part of your job isn’t cross-examination. It isn’t the volcanic tirade of an impatient judge. And it isn’t even day-to-day drudgery–like responding to form interrogatories first crafted during the reign of Oliver Cromwell.

No, the hardest part of your job is probably something more basic:

Staying organized & meeting deadlines
Tired clerk with paper on desk

The correspondence. The research. The faxes. The pleadings. The transcripts. The exhibits. The Banker’s boxes. (Was that a grunt we just heard?) And the stacks upon stacks that are plopped pyramid-style all over your desk. And the chair next to your desk. And your radiator. And on your bookshelf. And in your sink. (Seriously, get the papers out of your sink.)

It’s hard enough being a lawyer. Add all of the paperwork on top of it, and your precious law practice? Well, it starts to feel more like a dreadful chore.

Day by day. Document after document. Year after year.

But what if you didn’t have all of the paper? Imagine if you didn’t have to stay rooted to your desk.

Imagine if you could do things like, you know, work from anywhere. Like a Starbucks. Or your bathroom. Or the bathroom of the Ritz in Cancun. (Not that we’re suggesting you should work from the beaches of Mexico. Okay, maybe we are. Because when you learn to take your practice paperless, you actually can.)

Yes. You’re a lawyer.
Sure, that means a lot of things.
But one thing it doesn’t have to mean?
Is your sanity.

So, learn to create a Paperless Law Office…
Home office guy

And discover a better way to practice law

“I’ve replaced … two litigation bags with an iPad as a result of these folks…and I heartily recommend them  to any lawyer who wants to make their life easier and to do a better job for their clients.” –Al Thompson

Creating a paperless law office doesn’t mean getting rid of all paper. It means being more organized, finding files faster, and being able to work from anywhere. Why wait to create a better law practice? Sign up for our free email guide and get started today.
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What can we do for you?

To start with, these three things:

1. We’ll teach you how to make your law office 100% mobile –no more papers, no more filing cabinets, no more faxes, no more printing out stuff just to sign it (use your iPad and email it). This isn’t a fad or some risky, “new-agey” way of practicing law–it’s the smart way of practicing law. And we’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started today, so life becomes a little bit less cumbersome tomorrow.

2. We’ll help you do everything faster. Those things you spend countless, mind-numbing hours doing? Those tasks you dread? (Loading fax machines. Collating copies. Figuring out how to clear the daily printer jam.) Can all be eliminated. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. And we’re here to show you how.

3. We’ll make your life EASIER. Because practicing law is hard enough. The rest? Shouldn’t have to be. For us, technology isn’t just a cool hobby for nerds; it’s a powerful tool with hidden power. And when you learn to use it effectively? Even the simplest of tweaks can dramatically change your life–forever.

Here are some of the things we’ll teach you how to do:

  • Scan bulky papers into digital files (you probably guessed that from our company name, didn’t you?) and then shred the paper.
  • Organize the scanned files so you easily find key information at the drop of a hat. Or dime. Pick your cliché.
  • Get to that key information anywhere, anytime—even from your (extra smart) smartphone.
  • Create eye-grabbing visuals, which you can project from an iPad. Wirelessly, if you want to.
  • Control your online reputation, so you look MORE professional than big firm lawyers (Because you are.)
  • Understand exactly which cloud services you can safely use, without tripping over ethics landmines.
  • Get those mandatory CLE credits–even Ethics and Professionalism.
  • Spend more time out of the office doing fun stuff, as opposed to being stuck in your office doing mindless drudgery (this is the Information Age not the Industrial Age, and that’s precisely what we do here–help you transition.)

Learn to build your Paperless Law Office the easy way. But, don’t wait…