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Review: Adobe Reader for iPad

By October 19, 2011June 6th, 2022No Comments

My good friend Jeff Richardson has a thorough review of the new Adobe Reader app for the iPad and iPhone. I agree with everything he says. The key points in his review are;

  • Reader is an easy app to learn, but it doesn’t allow any annotations.
  • Reader is fine, but there are other apps that do the same thing.
  • Reader is free, but GoodReader is only $5 and does pretty much most of what you’d want a PDF app to do (including annotations).

Virtually every tech-savvy lawyer I know recommends GoodReader as the key PDF app that you need to have for an iPad. As David Sparks observes in his iPad at Work book, “if PDF apps were prizefighters, GoodReader would be the one with the crooked nose that has a knack for putting all its competitors, even the pretty boys, on the mat.” If you want to sign PDF documents on your iPad get PDF Expert ($10).

And for more excellent tips on how to use PDFs on your iPad get David Sparks’ book. It’s truly an amazing resource for getting the most out of your iPad.

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