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Smashing office contraptions feels good

By August 25, 2016June 6th, 2022No Comments

Do you sometimes fantasize of smashing printers?

Well, you are NOT alone. Printer smashing is quite popular, actually.

Printer rage was first celebrated in the 1999 comedy Office Space.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy this short clip from the movie (but mute the sound if you’re at work, or offended by gangsta rap).

In the nearly 20 years after Office Space came out a lot has changed in the world of technology: smartphones, pervasive Wi-Fi, self-driving cars, and personal drones.

But, one tech device has not changed: the lowly printer. Printers are still frustrating the hell out of office workers.

But guess what is new in the world of printers?

Companies planning corporate retreats with “team bonding exercises” centered on printer bashing. Crazy, but true.

In fact, the Wall St. Journal reported today that this is part of a whole new service industry. Have you heard of “rage rooms”?

Well, according to the WSJ, these are “springing up all over the country for customers to vent their anger by smashing objects, including dishes and old furniture.”

And guess which objects are most in-demand for customers to vent on?

Yep, printers.

Donna Alexander, the proprietor of the Anger Room in Dallas, can barely keep her business stocked with printers for customers to crush.

How long does it take to smash a printer, you might ask?

Well here’s a fun factoid from the Wall St. Journal article: “For the average person, it takes at least 10 good whacks…”

And another interesting blurb from the WSJ article: “When you smash [a printer], it creates glass fireworks.”

This, as they say, is “news you can use.”

So, when New Years rolls around in a few months, don’t just buy fireworks. Pick up a few printers too.

Mike Judge, the creator of Office Space hasn’t changed his mind: “Printers are still horrible,” he said when interviewed by the Wall St. Journal.

What about you? What’s your opinion of your office printer?

Leave a comment below. Let us know the brand and model you hate (or love, if you have a good one), and why.

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