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The Keys to Starting a New Law Firm

By September 23, 2015June 6th, 2022No Comments

Starting a new law firm doesn’t require a lot of money. But having a solid game plan is crucial.

The best way to develop your game plan is to talk to lawyers who’ve left their old firms to start solo practices.

Recently Legal Talk Network’s, Adriana Linares, interviewed St. Louis attorney Michael Downey about the key decisions he made in setting up his new solo practice. Michael helps lawyers charged with legal ethics violations and decided to leave his 200+ law firm to go out on his own.

Here are some of the things that Michael revealed during the 20-minute interview:

  • Why his small firm practice gave him a greater sense of independence
  • What was the first thing he did once he decided to go out on his own
  • How LinkedIn got him helpful publicity
  • How he chose his website name
  • How he evaluated (and then chose) his practice management software
  • Which aspects of his practice he decided to outsource
  • How much it cost him to go out on his own.

Michael’s thoughtful observations are helpful for any small firm lawyer, even ones with established practices. To listen to the 20-minute interview click the link below:

Another lawyer you should gather insight from is David Sparks, a California business attorney, who left his firm and is now much happier as a solo lawyer. Adriana Linares interviewed David as well, and you can listen to the 20-minute interview with David Sparks about the key decisions he faced in starting his own practice.

If you’re thinking of going out on your own, you should sign up to find out more about our next Small Firm Bootcamp.

Here’s what one recent attendee said about how it helped her…

“An incredible value and experience! I received so much information that I was looking for in planning my solo firm. You … saved me so much time trying to find answers on my own. This seminar made me even more excited to get to work on my solo firm.” —Carlee Gonzales


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