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Synching devices is hard

By August 31, 2011June 6th, 2022No Comments

We’ve reached the point where we no longer just expect our various devices to synchronize our key data; we absolutely depend on it. You have a computer back in the office, and maybe a laptop—a smartphone for sure. And, like most lawyers these days, you have your calendar in electronic form and available on all of your devices.

Is all of your critical calendar data synchronizing accurately?

The only way to really be sure is to periodically audit your various devices and see if they are harmonized, or in chaos. Once a week you should do a spot check of your devices. Or maybe only once a month, if you’re really confident.

Here’s the thing: most of us tend to assume that everything is fine, but the reality is that synching devices is actually pretty hard. There are a lot of “moving parts,” as they say. Even if you have a reliable service that you use to synchronize your electronic calendar, you still might hit a snag if one of the devices gets hung up in some way. How would you know?

Maybe you should check once in awhile. That’s all we’re saying.

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