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The Chrome browser & Evernote can work together in an amazing way

By June 7, 2012June 6th, 2022No Comments

Some of you use Evernote to keep track of notes and web articles. For those of you that use the browser from Google called Chrome there is something you should know about. You should enable the Web Clipping service for Chrome. And you should select the option that tells Chrome to search your Evenote account simultaneously whenever you do a Google search (actually it works for any web search, including Bing and Yahoo).

If you’re like me you’ll love how this works. I tend to toss things in to Evernote and then forget about them. Having them appear as search results reminds me that I have stuff that might be relevant there. And it makes me more inclined to toss things into Evernote because I know that I don’t have to remember to look there. A google search will remind me.

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