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Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 2010-01-09

By January 9, 2010June 6th, 2022No Comments
  • On security in the “cloud”: #
  • Gmail now allows de-duping of Contacts. Go to Contacts > Find duplicates > Delete duplicates. Fast, easy, … Amazing! #
  • If you want your own law firm iPhone app, check this out: #
  • Facebook for iPhone update adds push notification, syncing of contact pictures. iPhone J.D.: (via @jeffrichardson) #
  • Plastic Logic Creates the “Paperless Briefcase” #
  • EPA says each year we use about 85 million tons of paper. How much do we then throw away? #paperless #
  • RT @ernieattorney: I’ll be speaking at the ABA TechShow in late March. Lots of good programs this year. Check it out! #
  • Ernie Svenson‚Äôs tech tools #
  • School librarians: “Stop paper training students. Push information out to students digitally…: Amen! #
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