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Digital Signatures

Useful tip regarding digital signatures

By February 3, 2012June 6th, 2022No Comments

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a 60 tips in 60 Minutes session with several good friends and follow law-techies. Even though I’ve done dozens of these 60 tips programs in the past few years, I always wind up learning something. Here is an interesting PDF tip I picked up, along with a useful/humorous one:

How to create a Digital ID for using with Adobe Acrobat, which Nerino Petro says is a surefire way to have true digital signatures that actually get accepted by the recipient. I’m going to start using this for sure.


Spend a few minutes updating your default email signature on all your computers and devices. Make it easier for people to reach you, and you might start getting more work from busy clients.

Lawyers who have paperless law practices are free to work anywhere, and they understand the importance of efficient email communication. If your practice isn’t yet paperless, perhaps it’s time to start learning how to make the shift.

Quick Action Step

If you want to learn more you can get started right away with our free 1-page guide called 5 Keys to Creating a Paperless Law Office.

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